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Feb 18 2017

Shutting the Door on the Future

The concept of a Technological Singularity is becoming current again, with various pundits and techno-billionaires warning us of the potential consequences. Science Fiction writers, in particular, have quite a hard time with the whole thing. Charles Stross and Jo Walton both famously referred to the Singularity as “the turd in the punchbowl of Science Fiction.” …

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Jun 21 2015

Campfire Stories

Two of my grandkids have been staying with me for the last few days. Friday night I started a fire outside and we looked at the stars when it got dark. (Seeing the moon, Jupiter, and Venus all in the same part of the sky right before sunset was really cool!) I didn’t have any …

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Aug 07 2014

My WorldCon Schedule (and some thoughts on the same)

This year the Science Fiction World Convention (the WorldCon) is in London: Loncon 3. I am on programming again, including a reading I won’t be able to do (because I’ll still be in Iceland) and one last minute addition I will also miss because my plane arrives too late on Thursday. (A good thing, because …

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Jun 29 2014

It’s Clarion West Write-a-thon time again

Hey all. Yeah, I know. I haven’t been posting much lately. In fact it’s been more than six months since I last cluttered up your RSS feed. (For those of you still following me, that is.) What can I say? I’ve been busy. Work and family stuff mostly, but I’ve also started renovating my old …

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Jan 05 2013

Potlatch 22 Programming Questionnaire

(I am leading the programming sub-committee for Potlatch 22 this year. What follows is the questionnaire we are sending out to all current and past members of the convention. Are you interested? If yes, buy a membership at the link above and fill out and return the questionnaire as soon as possible.) (Potlatch is a …

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