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Sep 06 2009

Hiding in my hotel room

Tonight I am sitting in my hotel room eating take-out from Burger King and generally hiding out from the barely controlled chaos that is Shanghai. I need some alone time badly. Not just from the crowds, but from my cow-orkers and everyone else I’ve had to interact with recently. I told my boss that I …

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Jun 06 2008

Reason #162 to read Ken MacLeod’s blog

Coke-spray inducing sentences like this: What is well past a joke is the need for creative market-based solutions to the problems of the farther left.

May 26 2008

Phoenix lander image anomaly

OK, this is probably just an image artifact, but look at this: (Crop from image.) This image was acquired at the Phoenix landing site on day 1 of the mission on the surface of Mars, or Sol 0, after the May 25, 2008, landing. The surface stereo imager right acquired this image at 17:15:35 local …

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Apr 23 2008

Color me boggled

Absinthe Lollipops!

Aug 30 2007

The butt biting bug

I understand this video is very popular in Japan right now. No, I have no idea why. Yes, it is from a children’s show…

Aug 18 2007

I say nay nay on the Aye-aye!

World’s 25 weirdest animals.

Aug 06 2007

Armadillo at Dick’s

Anita had chemo today, which ran way later than expected due to various delays and frustrations. Afterwards we picked up Riley from the friends watching him and stopped by Dick’s so I could get something to eat on the way home. Apparently I wasn’t the only one hungry…

Jun 03 2007

Shovelglove your way to fitness?

I suppose it really isn’t any sillier than using a treadmill or a stairstepping machine. But the Shovelglove seems weirder to me for some reason. I don’t know… Pretending to shovel dirt or churn butter just seems wrong, while pretending to ride a bicycle seems like a normal thing to do. Is it because the …

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Jan 10 2007

Calling Weird Geniuses

Are you a Weird Genius? A Real Scientist? Or are you just Real Weird? Maybe you just want to watch the geeks in action? Either way, SOAP (the Seattle Outsider Artist Project) is hosting the event for you! The Annual Weird Genius Real Science Fair, held January 20th at the West Seattle Youngstown Cultural Arts …

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Mar 19 2006

More imaginary performance anxiety

Warren Ellis is writing a new graphic novel set in the near future. Cool! I’ve certainly enjoyed his previous forays into science fiction and cyberpunk. Only one he’s having trouble with it… Apparently Warren is dealing with an embarrassing problem of Strossian proportions — it seems the present is already too weird to easily extrapolate …

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