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May 12 2009

OMG! William Bell is Spock!

I knew it would pay off if I kept watching Fringe! I knew it! OMG!

Jan 20 2006

Mythbusters, the “lost” experiments

Stuff from the ‘Mythbusters’ that didn’t make it to the TV show. Mostly for good reason…

Jan 16 2006

Dr. Who news

Good news? The new Doctor Who is coming to the SciFi channel. Bad news? This probably means the DVD release is going to be pushed back.

Jan 05 2006

The Elegant Universe is on the Web

The Nova series The Elegant Universe is available online for free as a bunch of QuickTime or RealVideo streams. This show provides some great general-audience coverage of the current state of physics. I wish this was in a format we could show on our television using our DSM. Anyone know an easy way to convert …

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Dec 18 2005

Space cadets heartbroken to learn they were hoaxed

“Aw man,” said Paul. “We’re not astronauts. We’re just asses.” Um… Yeah… Pretty much dude. (I mentioned this ‘Reality’ TV show a while back, with some commentary about the how dumb you would have to be.)

Nov 16 2005

Space-flight hoax for British TV

There is a new British series called Space Cadets where they attempt to convince people they have launched them into orbit. Personally, I don’t think they could fool me with tricks like that; I know too much about what to expect from an actual launch. But I suppose there are people you could hoodwink that …

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Sep 26 2005

Would you believe KAOS finally gets Smart?

First Bob Denver, now Don Adams has died. It’s been a bad month for 1960’s schlocky TV comedians! (The unofficial ‘Get Smart Page‘.) If I was one of the Monkees, I would be running scared.

Sep 07 2005

Goodbye Gilligan

You’ve probably already seen this, but RIP Bob Denver. Speaking as someone old enough to have seen Gilligan’s Island in the original run, this is a sad day on the island…

Aug 24 2005

Six Feet Under, but too soon

Phil Bowermaster explains, from a futurist’s viewpoint, what’s wrong with the Six Feet Under series finale. (Caution, spoilers.)

Aug 09 2005

The politics of Firefly

Sara T. Hinson says Firefly has a Libertarian bent: At its best, science fiction advocates liberty. While Star Trek lamentably supported a “Federation knows best” mentality, other works like Star Wars and Robert Heinlein’s novels have promoted the dissolution of central rule and the triumph of the individual. For the science fiction writer, space means …

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