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Dec 10 2011

Double-Dip Lunar Eclipse

It was cold. Bitter, biting cold. My weather station said 22 degrees fahrenheit, but there was a slight wind and it seemed much colder. I had prepared myself well: warm clothes, gloves, coffee in a thermos mug, a cigar. I had a camera and a pair of binoculars. A chair. It was five in the morning …

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May 06 2009

Google Moon

In the spirit of my previous post, I thought I would point you to Google Moon; an interactive map of the lunar surface with markers for all of the Apollo missions. If you drill down on a mission you can see what points the astronauts actually visited and view pictures of those places. There are …

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May 06 2009

Back to the Moon with a bang!

On June 2nd the LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) mission will finally launch, after multiple delays. This is supposed to be the first step of NASA’s plan to return to the moon permanently by 2020. However, what really excites me about this mission isn’t the LRO! I am far more interested in a piggyback mission: LCROSS …

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Jan 20 2009

More proof that we live in a Science Fictional world

Go read this article on Space.com: The Astra 5A commercial telecommunications satellite suffered an apparently sudden “technical anomaly” that has put an end to its in-orbit service life, and the spacecraft will be moved immediately into a graveyard orbit . . . SES has transferred much of the Astra 5A traffic to an Astra spacecraft …

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May 26 2008

Phoenix lander image anomaly

OK, this is probably just an image artifact, but look at this: (Crop from image.) This image was acquired at the Phoenix landing site on day 1 of the mission on the surface of Mars, or Sol 0, after the May 25, 2008, landing. The surface stereo imager right acquired this image at 17:15:35 local …

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May 25 2008

Phoenix has arrived

The Phoenix Mars lander has landed safe and healthy. Here’s wishing it success in its mission!

Feb 01 2008

Ken MacLeod on the cultural impact of Sputnik

This is a kind of reverse futurism: ‘How Sputnik changed your life‘. As always with Ken, the essay swerves all over the epistemological map; pushing memes before it into a gigantic, tangled heap that somehow looks like a patchwork temple to Athena when he gets to the last sentence. (How does he do that?)

Sep 29 2007

PBS versus NASA

The pseudoanonymous ‘Robert Cringely’ is going to the moon! OK, actually, he has announced his entry into the Google Lunar X Prize. Cringely plans to timebox it at 18 months, succeed or fail. It isn’t clear if this is going to be a PBS special, but the smart money goes that way. One hopes this …

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Aug 30 2007

Riding the storm out

It appears both Mars rovers made it through the dust storm and are back on the job. I am in awe of the rovers, their designers, and the engineers who constructed them. Not only have they reached multiples of their design life and are still doing good science, now they shake off the dust and …

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Aug 14 2007

Life in space starts to seem more likely than life on Earth…

Did organic life begin in comets? The Cardiff team suggests that radioactive elements can keep water in liquid form in comet interiors for millions of years, making them potentially ideal “incubators” for early life. They also point out that the billions of comets in our solar system and across the galaxy contain far more clay …

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