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Oct 09 2016

I’m not saying vote for Hillary Clinton–I’m saying you don’t spray gasoline on a house fire

If there is one lesson to take from this year’s political season it is this: just about everyone is sick of this shit. Fed up. Tired of being lied to. Angry about the growing disparity between the rich and everyone else. Feeling like the America we were all promised is slipping through our fingers like …

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Jun 27 2015

Publishing, Copyright, and the Economics of Abundance

If you love books you should read this long article on publishing by Richard Nash: ‘What is the Business of Literature’. In it, Nash postulates that publishing was the first industry in the world to confront the realities of post-scarcity economics, due to advances in printing presses lowering the cost of entry. Nash says: “Advances in printing …

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Oct 27 2013

Gallery: Stop Watching Us Rally

I have a new image gallery up of pictures I took at the Stop Watching Us rally yesterday.    

Oct 20 2013

Rally in Dee Cee for Pri-va-cy

Next Saturday, Oct 26 2013, there is going to be a rally in Washington D.C. against Domestic Spying and the NSA. I don’t know how many people are going to be there, but one of them will be me. Yes, rather apolitical me. Never before have I been confronted with something I feel strongly enough …

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May 26 2012

The Tyranny of Metaphor

The problem with complexity is (wait for it) it’s complex. Humans don’t do complex well. Cognitive psychologists talk a lot about the ‘Rule of Seven’ (plus or minus two): referring to the fact that humans can only track about seven things in their head at a time. Think about that for a second. How many things …

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Nov 26 2011

Why Occupy Wall Street matters

Watch the TV news or read the newspaper coverage and you come away wondering just what it is those crazy protestors camping out downtown want. Sure, they want something done about bankers and financiers getting rich off of the misery of ‘the 99%’. Certainly they want social justice. Clearly there is a fairly standard leftist streak running …

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Dec 08 2010

I told you so! There, I said it…

Just a short note to those who are complaining about Obama not living up to their expectations, here’s what I said July 10, 2008: As always, I’m the guy who hates the leading politicians on both sides. That means I get to say “I told you so.” when people complain about Obama acting like a …

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Jun 21 2009

The revolution will be Tweeted

I wanted to start this essay with this sentence: “Like everyone else I have been fascinated with recent events in Tehran and the role of social software in them.” Only I can’t. You see, despite the fact the mass media are finally reporting about the Iran election protests and the role of Twitter (among other …

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Jan 28 2009

Crooked Timber on Charlie Stross and a bonus book review

Over at Crooked Timber they’re having an online seminar on Charlie Stross and his work. Lots of interesting reading for the politically aware SF fan! In the post about ‘Halting State’ I was moved to comment about the literary value of the novel, resulting in the following (slightly edited here) extemporaneous review of the book: …

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Jul 10 2008

McCainwatch for July 10, 2008

Sometimes it seems like McCain is pandering harder than a speed-crazed pimp with a stable of twenty-dollar hookers. His latest? He feels Michigan’s pain… No-one who has seen downtown Detroit can doubt that Michigan is going through hard times. But I dare any committed Republican to show me the real doctrinal difference between what McCain …

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