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Jun 03 2007


Using applied plasmonics to control an electron’s spin: The new technology, which the researchers call spinplasmonics, may be used to create incredibly efficient electron spin-based photonic devices, which in turn may be used to build, for example, computers with extraordinary capacities. “We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of this field, but we believe …

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May 22 2007

F = q(E + v * B) where F means “Hello Jupiter”

Centari Dreams has an interesting post on using planetary magnetic fields to accelerate spacecraft. How does this work? By leveraging something called Lorentz force: In fact, this ‘Lorentz force’ proves to be tremendously useful in the near-planetary environment. A spacecraft in Earth orbit, for example, creates a charge as it moves through the plasma surrounding …

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May 17 2007

Two dimensions of time?

Itzhak Bars says two time dimensions may result in a solution for m-theory: Simply adding an extra dimension of time doesn’t solve everything, however. To produce equations that describe the world accurately, an additional dimension of space is needed as well, giving a total of four space dimensions. Then, the math with four space and …

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May 08 2007

Whatever happened to PAMELA?

The PAMELA probe was launched from Baikonur into a polar orbit on June 15, 2006, with the mission of studying cosmic rays, antimatter, and dark matter. Since then there has been little mention of the probe. A google for “PAMELA probe” returns nothing recent on the first few pages of results. Same for “PAMELA antimatter“. …

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Feb 11 2006

Even great physicists can change their minds

Can Stephen Hawking solve the ‘Hawking Paradox’ by proving himself wrong?

Jan 26 2006

Physics in a Flash

Or, rather, learn physics from Larry Spring with this series of Flash presentations. Some really excellent stuff here, but you have to mouse around a lot to find it.

Jan 14 2006

Working quantum processor

Scientists at the University of Michigan have managed to create a working ion trap quantum processor using standard chip fabrication methods: Electrically charged atoms (ions) for such quantum computers are stored in traps in order to isolate the qubits, a process that is essential for the system to work. The challenge is that current ion …

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Jan 13 2006

Knowing our place in the Multiverse

Is string theory in trouble?

Nov 09 2005

Overcoming Newton’s second law with better bra technology

Hey, here is a good way to get young men more interested in science!

Nov 03 2005

IBM slows light commercially

It has been a laboratory trick for a while now, but IBM has announced they are slowing light down to 1/300th of its normal speed with a chip. This will be a real boon to photonic computation and networking. Of course, being who I am, the first thing I thought of when I read that …

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