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Apr 07 2013

Extending the Fifth Ammendment

There is this thing that has always bothered me about criminals – the real bad ones who get sent to prison for long periods of time for doing real bad things. What bothers me is the fact doing what they do isn’t just morally bad, it is stupid. Really, really stupid.

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Aug 04 2007

Will a degrading environment slow China’s economy?

Der Spiegel has a fascinating interview with Pan Yue of China’s ministry of the environment, “The Chinese Miracle Will End Soon“: This miracle will end soon because the environment can no longer keep pace. Acid rain is falling on one third of the Chinese territory, half of the water in our seven largest rivers is …

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Jun 29 2007

Seattle paying buskers to play in City parks

It seems the City of Seattle is paying buskers to play in City parks on weekdays. The buskers come cheap, about minimum wage, but I guess you could call that a ‘floor’ salary as they can pick up tips as well. What a great idea!

May 30 2007

The last flight

You have 72 hours left to you; what do you want to do with them?

May 19 2007

Neuromancer finally greenlighted?

It is been on and off more times than I can remember, but FirstShowing.net is reporting that the Neuromancer movie has a budget and is being fast tracked. Of course it probably won’t be the Neuromancer we all know and love: The novel examines the concepts of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, genetic engineering, multinational corporations …

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May 15 2007

So Yahweh Ben Yahweh walks up to Saint Peter and says…

In a previous post I discussed the posthumous attacks on Jerry Falwell and why I found them unseemly. The funny thing is, Yahweh Ben Yahweh also died recently and no one seems to have noticed. It isn’t like his preachings were any less toxic than Falwell’s rantings. It isn’t like he didn’t actually order (and …

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May 15 2007

So Jerry Falwell walks up to Saint Peter and says…

It is all over the MSM and the Blogosphere: Jerry Falwell is dead. Most people are treating it as an opportunity to dance on the grave of someone who would gladly have danced on theirs. (No reason to bother with links here; I’m sure you’ve already seen the posts.) Me? I’m certainly happy that Falwell’s …

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Dec 30 2006

Can Furthur go on?

Ken Kesey’s family is trying to restore Furthur, the 1939 International school bus painted in psychedelic colors that Kesey’s Merry Pranksters tooled around the country in during the 1960’s. Stephanie Kesey, who is married to the late author’s son Zane and is overseeing the project, said the bus has been cleaned up a bit, and …

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Jul 04 2006

Happy Fourth of July!

One year ago today I posted the entire text of the Declaration of Independence. If you can’t remember how it goes, I suggest you go read it now and remind yourself just what it is you are celebrating! Me? Today I’m thrilled to report that I live in a country where twelve neo-Nazis can get …

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Jun 17 2006

When nations war on tribes

In today’s Seattle PI there is an interesting opinion article about the real underlying problem the US forces face, “Tribalism is the real enemy in Iraq“: Forget the Quran. Forget the ayatollahs and the imams. If we want to understand the enemy we’re fighting in Iraq, the magic word is tribe. . . . In …

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