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May 26 2008

Phoenix lander image anomaly

OK, this is probably just an image artifact, but look at this: (Crop from image.) This image was acquired at the Phoenix landing site on day 1 of the mission on the surface of Mars, or Sol 0, after the May 25, 2008, landing. The surface stereo imager right acquired this image at 17:15:35 local …

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May 25 2008

Phoenix has arrived

The Phoenix Mars lander has landed safe and healthy. Here’s wishing it success in its mission!

Aug 30 2007

Riding the storm out

It appears both Mars rovers made it through the dust storm and are back on the job. I am in awe of the rovers, their designers, and the engineers who constructed them. Not only have they reached multiples of their design life and are still doing good science, now they shake off the dust and …

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Jun 25 2007

Hands off Mars!

Whenever human colonization of space is brought up you invariably hear two targets mentioned: The Earth’s Moon because it is close and the planet Mars because it is easy. How easy? Well, Mars is not overly far away, it has some atmosphere (if not very much), it almost certainly has water, and it has enough …

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May 26 2007

There’s a hole in Mars!

Possible cave entrances on Mars.

May 21 2007

Spirit Rover finds more evidence of ancient water on Mars

NASA Rover finds surprising evidence for Mars’ watery past. The best part? A mechanical malfunction led directly to the discovery: One of Spirit’s six wheels no longer rotates, gouging a deep impression as it drags through soil. That scraping has exposed several patches of bright soil, leading to some of Spirit’s biggest discoveries in its …

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May 09 2007

Heroic Programmer Stories: Pathfinder

Although generally successful, the Mars Pathfinder rover experienced several glitches, which could have ended the mission prematurely. These glitches caused system resets, resulting in data loss. Each time there was concern that the software would not reboot properly and the rover would be reduced to so much metal and plastic stranded on the Martian surface. …

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Oct 15 2005

Mars in Grand Apparition

Right now, and for the next few weeks, Mars is in its closest approach to Earth in two years. There are some great amateur pictures here. Time to dust off your telescopes folks!

Aug 23 2005

Spirit summits Husband Hill

The plucky little Mars Rover that could, just did. Make certain to follow the links for the dust-devil animation. Cool!

Aug 14 2005

Global warming is spreading

Apparently there is evidence of global warming on Mars. Being as there are no Martians driving SUVs (I happen to know they have an excellent subway system and make heavy use of public transportation) this means we might want to be looking to some other source for rising temperatures: Like maybe the nut cases claiming …

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