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Oct 20 2013

Rally in Dee Cee for Pri-va-cy

Next Saturday, Oct 26 2013, there is going to be a rally in Washington D.C. against Domestic Spying and the NSA. I don’t know how many people are going to be there, but one of them will be me. Yes, rather apolitical me. Never before have I been confronted with something I feel strongly enough …

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Sep 15 2013

Taking back the Internet by going back to basics

Bruce Schnier, all around security guru and hero of the revolution, says we should ‘Take back the Internet‘. If you haven’t read that link, follow it and read it now. Go ahead, I’ll wait… Now, let’s laser-in on one of Bruce’s points: Dismantling the surveillance state won’t be easy. Has any country that engaged in …

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Apr 07 2013

Extending the Fifth Ammendment

There is this thing that has always bothered me about criminals – the real bad ones who get sent to prison for long periods of time for doing real bad things. What bothers me is the fact doing what they do isn’t just morally bad, it is stupid. Really, really stupid.

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Mar 09 2012

Security and the Cloud (and why you should be worried)

As old as it makes me sound to say this: there are computer users out there who don’t remember a time before malware. If you are one of those who started using computers after 1990 let me assure you–there really was a time when, with few exceptions, every byte of software on your computer was …

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Jul 27 2008

Distracted, or just too busy to pay attention to you?

A while back I wrote a short essay about Using your Google Brain where I described mainstream media scare stories about the Internet which reminded me of: . . . similar articles from the 1970’s describing how kids were starting to use calculators in school, all of which invariably ended in dire predictions of impending …

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Oct 07 2007

Take the long way home

There’s a guy at work who often wears a t-shirt that reads “There’s no place like“. If you live a significant portion of your life online you might find there is some truth to that t-shirt. It used to be said that ‘home is where you hang your hat’, but today home is usually …

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Apr 30 2007

Living in a Fishbowl

It has been an issue among bloggers for a long time and now sites like FaceBook and MySpace are making the problem more general: What you do on the Internet stays on the Internet. (Yes, this isn’t a new problem. Even if the media is acting like it is. At the very least this stuff …

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Dec 14 2006

Greetings from 35,000 feet over the Atlantic

(Meta: Yeah yeah, I haven’t posted anything in a while. Usual thing; I’ve been busy. Working. Seattle Mindcamp (where I lead three sessions). Orycon (where I was on programming). Life in general. You name it. What can I say? This is basically an unpaid writing gig for me, albeit one I’ve chosen for myself, and …

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Jun 20 2006

User generated content and the attention economy

Only a couple of weeks ago I talked about user generated content in the context of the so-called Web2.0. Now we have no less than John Udell explaining why he doesn’t like the term ‘user generated content’ and Robert Scoble agreeing, adding that it is the ‘screwing of the long tail’: Why does Jon Udell …

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Jun 15 2006

Network access and monopoly rents

Ed Felten muses about “The Last Mile Bottleneck and Net Neutrality“, and ends up savaging the two main arguments the Internet Service Providers are making: The first argument says that customers can get better performance if ISPs (and not just customers) have more freedom to manage their networks. If the last mile is the bottleneck, …

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