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Mar 03 2010

Can I start a healthy habit in my sleep?

This morning in early wakeup mode (I wake slowly), while still in something of a post-sleep haze, I found myself pulling on sweatpants and sneakers. Next thing I knew I was locking the front door and setting out on a very brisk walk. (Let me pause this for a moment to note that my normal …

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Jun 09 2009

I want to kick the big C in the nads!

Some might say I’ve reached that time of life. You know, when your friends talk more about their health problems than their projects. I say screw that! I’ve lost a spouse to cancer. I have a friend fighting it tooth and nail right now. I have another friend dealing with mysterious blinding headaches (of the …

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Dec 16 2007

Ten things I learned by losing Anita

‘Heartache’ isn’t just a turn of phrase. It can literally ache. Enough to make one wonder if ‘dying of heartbreak’ isn’t just a metaphor. Grief is different than regular depression. Among other things it makes you even more forgetful and slow thinking. Most people tend to give you some slack. This is a good thing. …

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Sep 29 2007

Guy drinks 60 pints of beer, gets worst hangover ever recorded

End result? A case study in the Lancet. Of course…

Jul 31 2007

Longevity pill in the works?

Remember Resveratrol? (Resveratrol might explain the health effects of red wine.) Well, human tests have begun on a drug with chemical similarities to Resveratrol that has shown lifespan increases and diabetes relief in animal tests. Only, get this, it worked best on overweight mice!

Jun 03 2007

Shovelglove your way to fitness?

I suppose it really isn’t any sillier than using a treadmill or a stairstepping machine. But the Shovelglove seems weirder to me for some reason. I don’t know… Pretending to shovel dirt or churn butter just seems wrong, while pretending to ride a bicycle seems like a normal thing to do. Is it because the …

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May 12 2007

Just how burned out on your job are you?

Take the Burnout Self-Test and find out: This tool can help you check yourself for burnout. It helps you look at the way you feel about your job and your experiences at work, so that you can get a feel for whether you might be at risk of burnout. I took this a while back …

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Mar 22 2007

Schizophrenia is not a purely genetic disease

This is fascinating. Here are brain scans of identical twins; one with schizophrenia and the other without. Apparently you can have the genetic predisposition and live a similar life; and still not experience the trigger event that starts the neural changes leading to schizophrenia…

Jan 25 2007

Anita update #8

It is beginning to seem like all these updates are bad news. In my last Anita Update I described how her previous chemo regime had not worked as well as hoped, and how she was beginning yet another one with a different drug. Such a change from a year ago, when we had good news. …

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Jul 18 2006

Have it your way

Randall Parker talks about customized cancer treatments using Proteonomics. From the linked article ‘New strategy rapidly identifies cancer targets‘: Traditionally, cancer-gene hunters have scanned the genome looking for mutations that trigger out-of-control cell growth. Druker tried this approach, but found it wanting. “We were doing some high-throughput DNA sequencing, and we weren’t really finding much,” …

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