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Sep 15 2013

Taking back the Internet by going back to basics

Bruce Schnier, all around security guru and hero of the revolution, says we should ‘Take back the Internet‘. If you haven’t read that link, follow it and read it now. Go ahead, I’ll wait… Now, let’s laser-in on one of Bruce’s points: Dismantling the surveillance state won’t be easy. Has any country that engaged in …

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Mar 17 2013

Object Oriented Programming is actually simple

Go to the Wikipedia page for Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and you might be forgiven for thinking it is a complex subject. Read any of the criticisms of OOP and you might think it engenders both overly complex designs and overly simplistic designs. Paul Graham not only has it both ways, he once famously described OOP as …

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Feb 10 2012

It’s always nice to meet a young person who knows the classics

It’s been a long and very sucky day, with few bright spots to lift it out of the suckitude. Among other things I drove over a hundred and fifty miles to take care of various bits of business (some of it in places that moved completely across town, a fact I only discovered by going …

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Oct 11 2011

The Computer User Interface of the Future is here!

Step right up folks! Learn all about Doctor Jack’s UI of the Future! Yesiree ladies and gentlemen, the answer to all your computer user interface needs in one familiar package. All ready to use on your next project. Fully tested and cross-platform! Multiple implementations, with both Open Source and proprietary solutions depending on your project’s …

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Jan 27 2010

Three things about Apple’s iPad

Why I want one: The form factor and the docking station with keyboard. Why I won’t be buying one: I already have an iPhone and, other than the form factor/docking station, I see no gain here because it still makes me buy apps from the app store without providing any other option. Why I might …

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Oct 13 2009

I’m now surfing the Google Wave

I haven’t had a chance to really dig deep on it yet. Honestly, I am as curious about the programming API as anything else! And yes, I have some invites. Comment here if you are looking for one. Edit: Sorry!. That’s all the invites I am giving out for now. Note: Invites are not sent …

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Jul 20 2009

Drink deep from the well of knowledge

I grok this.

Jun 21 2009

The revolution will be Tweeted

I wanted to start this essay with this sentence: “Like everyone else I have been fascinated with recent events in Tehran and the role of social software in them.” Only I can’t. You see, despite the fact the mass media are finally reporting about the Iran election protests and the role of Twitter (among other …

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May 12 2009

OMG! William Bell is Spock!

I knew it would pay off if I kept watching Fringe! I knew it! OMG!

May 06 2009

Google Moon

In the spirit of my previous post, I thought I would point you to Google Moon; an interactive map of the lunar surface with markers for all of the Apollo missions. If you drill down on a mission you can see what points the astronauts actually visited and view pictures of those places. There are …

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