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Jan 03 2007

How to beat a crane game

I hate those crane games. You try and try and you finally get the damn claw perfectly on the stuffed penguin, then it just slips right off! Well, here is a nifty little video giving you a scientific method to beat that nasty crane game at it’s own, well, game…

Jul 17 2006

More Falling Sand

Look out HolyOutlaw! The falling sand game has been upgraded: Now you can have Napalm, C4, Gunpowder, Concrete, and more! Prepare to lose days of productive time…

Jun 24 2006

Will the Wii suck for FPS games after all?

Nintendo’s soon-to-arrive new console sports a pretty weird name; the ‘Wii’. And, yeah, everyone is commenting on how stupid it sounds. (I won’t even bother with the links, there are so many.) So many, in fact, that you have to wonder if the group responsible for naming the box didn’t get to wondering if “Any …

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Jun 18 2006

Custom toy maker

Got an idea for a game, toy, or plush doll? These guys can make it for you! Me? I want a plush tree octopus. Or maybe I can finally have the DOOM board game I thought of a while back, with little monster figures and shotguns; “Monster leaps out of the shadows and eats your …

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Jan 08 2006

Are MMORPG s the new golf?

Liz Lawley has a great post on Many2Many about blurring boundaries between virtual and real worlds. Among other things, she touches on how there are moral implications in avatar choices. (See Ted Castranova’s ‘The Horde is Evil‘.) But the following graf really caught my eye: When I was playing online on Monday, Joi Ito said …

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Dec 28 2005

Be good, or Santa will bring you a lump of coal

Or, that is, a whole bunch of coal in a XBox 360 package. (Yes, I said I was done with the Christmas posts. So sue me.) Apparently some kid was being a total brat. Not just demanding an XBox 360, but throwing some major fits (including kicking his father’s $2,000 stereo system) if he didn’t …

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Dec 21 2005

What happens at the end of the world?

Or, at the end of a game world anyway: To get in character, I gamely tried to level up my character by killing a few monsters. But I couldn’t get past the sense of existential emptiness. At one point, a non-player character assigned me a quest of killing all the burrowing beasts in a nearby …

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Dec 14 2005

Unreal Tournament 2007 screenshots

Drool… One question though: Just how much computing horsepower does nearly photo-realistic real-time rendering require?

Dec 08 2005

Make your own MMPORG

CNET has an article about a start-up called Multiverse Network which is providing tools to create multiplayer role-playing games: Multiverse is a lot like the enterprise software developers’ kits used to build back-end systems at big corporations, but with an open-source twist that lets programmers share what they create. Instead of defining business processes for …

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Nov 04 2005

Girl plays World of Warcraft to death

There was a funeral in WoW for a girl who died while playing the game (click here for a picture of the funeral): A young girl nicknamed “Snowly” died last month after playing the online game “World of Warcraft” for several continuous days during the national day holiday. Snowly’s friends, who share the same game …

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