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May 06 2007

Clues we are getting close to the Singularity #4

Virtual police lineups. Previous singularity clues: Charlie Stross’s imagination having performance anxiety Dictators with blogs Ray Kurzweil profiled in Fortune magazine

Nov 20 2005

Shooting and hostage taking in Tacoma Washington

This is going to make the national news tonight; there was a shooting and hostage situation in the Tacoma Mall, about forty miles south of Seattle. The good news is that only six people were injured, and the situation has been resolved peacefully. The suspect is now in police custody. The Mall itself is still …

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Nov 05 2005

He claims assault; no, she says, just kinky sex

Not my idea of a good time either way…

Oct 21 2005

Why America isn’t Nigeria

Kansas Supreme Court unanimously strikes down a law punishing underage sex more if it involves homosexual acts. Compare that to my previous post. We might have our own wannabe Taliban. We might have our own problems with bigots and religious fanatics. But, even in the deepest, most hellfire and damnation part of our Bible Belt, …

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Oct 21 2005

Is the act the abomination, or is it the punishment?

Six teenage girls to be caned for lesbian sex in Nigeria. Ninety strokes each! So, any Muslims or cultural relativists out there willing to defend Sharia law on this?

Sep 06 2005

Sex predator killer caught

The other day I noted that someone is killing sex offenders in Bellingham. Well, today the guy turned himself in. For what it’s worth the perp fully intended to kill sexual predators, and even found his victims via the public website maintained by Whatcom Country to track the locations of registered sex offenders. So now …

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Sep 04 2005

You need a prescription for what?

“To dispense pure oxygen without authority of a prescription — and the necessary license to issue one — violates federal law…” If you don’t already know how insane the ‘war on some drugs’ is, then perhaps this will ram the point home.

Aug 28 2005

Someone is killing sex offenders in Bellingham

Man posing as FBI agent shoots two level-three sex offenders in Bellingham, Washington. I don’t know if I should be shocked or not…

Aug 12 2005

New Blu-ray Hi-def DVD systems will self-destruct if you play a pirated disk

This is insane! One part of the announcement that had been anticipated by experts was Blu-ray’s embrace of Advanced Access Content System (AACS), one version of which has also been adopted by the HD DVD Forum. This controversial technology would require that disc players maintain permanent connections to content providers via the Internet, making it …

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Aug 01 2005

King County corruption watch: Bad cop let off

From the Seattle PI: How a disgraced sheriff’s deputy beat the system A vice cop gone bad, turned in by a high-dollar madam and his ex-prostitute wife. Members of an elite sheriff’s unit running out of control. A personal trainer peddling designer drugs. An FBI agent kicked off the case. Political ambition colliding with unpleasant …

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