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Jun 27 2015

Publishing, Copyright, and the Economics of Abundance

If you love books you should read this long article on publishing by Richard Nash: ‘What is the Business of Literature’. In it, Nash postulates that publishing was the first industry in the world to confront the realities of post-scarcity economics, due to advances in printing presses lowering the cost of entry. Nash says: “Advances in printing …

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Sep 15 2013

Taking back the Internet by going back to basics

Bruce Schnier, all around security guru and hero of the revolution, says we should ‘Take back the Internet‘. If you haven’t read that link, follow it and read it now. Go ahead, I’ll wait… Now, let’s laser-in on one of Bruce’s points: Dismantling the surveillance state won’t be easy. Has any country that engaged in …

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Mar 20 2006

Mark Cuban says you should break the law

Mark Cuban says everyone should break Digital Rights Management (DRM) code on any media they buy for their own self-protection. Isn’t breaking DRM illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act? Doesn’t that mean Mark Cuban is promoting an illegal activity? Mind you, he’s right. Even the BBC is pointing out that DRM is doomed because …

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Jan 31 2006

iPods for all say I!

IPac says “Your Senator needs an iPod.” Hey! That’s my idea!

Jan 30 2006

Let’s buy iPods for everyone in Congress!

The EFF has an account of a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on the Broadcast Flag where at least one Senator was asking hard questions of the RIAA representative. Why? Apparently his daughter bought him an iPod: The second revelation, dropped into the later discussion of the RIAA’s audio flag, was that Senator Stevens’ daughter bought …

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Dec 12 2005

Getcher free movies here

Public Domain Torrents has more than 500 Public Domain movies available. They even helpfully mark the ones compatible with the video IPod. Just think, if we had rational copyright laws there would be thousands of free movies there. And that is just the movies…

Nov 23 2005

RIAA in violation of order against joint lawsuits

Ray Beckerman is reporting that the RIAA continues to join large numbers of John Does in single lawsuits in violation of an order by Judge Newcomer. (He has links to relevant decisions.) I hope this turns into a Sony-sized black eye for the RIAA.

Oct 18 2005

So, how does the RIAA find its victims?

Timothy M. Valdez paper, “Detection Methods Used by Copyright Holders“, is a very complete document, covering detection methods, a survey of proposed and current legislation, problems with the approaches, and more. Required reading for everyone…

Oct 06 2005

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to play music I paid for…

David Berlind makes a ‘Declaration of InDRMpendence‘.

Sep 28 2005

John Gilmore: “Don’t buy DRM!”

A cautionary tale. John Gilmore’s take.

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