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Aug 19 2012

Come on, baby don’t you want to go?

I had every intention of skipping the Science Fiction World Convention this year. Yeah, I have a membership, have had for a year. No, I don’t have anything against Chicago. At least not anything that would keep me from going there for a couple of days. The problem is time: I don’t have it. I …

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Sep 01 2010

My Aussiecon 4 contact info

During the convention (Thursday through Tuesday morning) I will be at the Pensione Hotel. My in-Australia phone number is 0429225065. I posted my Aussiecon 4 schedule last week.

Aug 26 2010

My Aussiecon 4 Schedule

I am scheduled for the following programming items: Thu 1500 Rm 204: How to enjoy this convention Fri 1700 Rm 204: What can mystery teach science fiction? Sat 1000 Rm 204: How to enjoy this convention 2 Sat 1700 Rm 211: The classics of 2035 Sun 1000 Rm P3: Wild frontier to final frontier: the …

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Sep 04 2009

I’ve been Shanghaied!

I would be tweeting this stuff instead of, you know, actually posting this here; but it looks like Twitter is either down or, possibly, blocked here in China. I’m guessing the latter, but Twitter’s recent history doesn’t make that a lock. In any case, I am in China! So far I have: ridden in a …

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Aug 10 2009

Anticipation, day four

Woke early enough, most likely due to the lack of partying the night before, and headed out to explore the old town between the Palais and the port.

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Aug 09 2009

Anticipation, day three

For the first two days of the convention, I spent most of the daylight hours in my room working. Email, net-meetings, status reports, etc. I was determined that day three would be different. It certainly started differently. In fact it started early, with a pounding head and feeling like an entire litter of chest-bursters were …

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Aug 08 2009

Anticipation, day two

My day started out early, with work. Quite a lot of it in fact. Then off to get a Subway sandwich downstairs in the Palais and upstairs to the Worldcon. Checked in with program ops, they didn’t need me but did have a late evening gap I agreed to cover. Next to the dealer’s room, …

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Aug 07 2009

Anticipation, day one

Day one of the 2009 World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal (Anticipation) actually started for me the day before, when I left Seattle just before 7:00 PM on what turned out to be the red-eye from hell. Twelve hours later I landed in Montreal and within two hours after that I was at the convention …

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Nov 23 2008

Orycon days, Orycon nights

Well, it is late on Saturday night or, more precisely, early on Sunday morning. I am about to go to bed finally after a long, long day. I didn’t go to much programming, but I definitely ate too much. I started the day with the breakfast buffet, among a large group of friends. (The bacon …

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Nov 21 2008

Orycon seen as a series of moving cheese

Well, I am here. Taking a break for the moment before I plunge back into the late-night programming, parties, and barcon. Today started with me cleaning out my van and loading up the metric assload of stuff I was bringing to the con while jkling and mareklamo drove down from Bellingham. The goal was to …

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