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Feb 25 2009

I’ve been remiss in so many ways…

For example, I’ve posted not a single one of the essays I’ve written recently. Nor have I given you a rundown on what I did last weekend (something you might actually find interesting). And then there’s the whole missing Lovecraft thing… Well, as to the former, I will try to find time soon. And the …

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Feb 10 2009

One way to deal with those dumb Coraline reviews

Although, actually, I’ve met Neil Gaimen and he is a sweet guy. I can’t believe he would ever do this to a stupid reviewer. Besides, they deserve to suffer more…

Jun 11 2007

Cathedral Child

Texas Steampunk I: Cathedral Child. A complete steampunk graphic novel by Lea Hernandez.

May 26 2007

Comics Worth Reading

Looking for recommendations and commentary on the Comics Publishing industry? Try Comics Worth Reading. Yeah. Yet another narrow-cast blog.

May 21 2007

Something Martha Stewart Positive?

R. K. Milholland, writer and artist of the successful (and irreverent, salacious, cutting, etc.) Something Positive webcomic, has a new goal in life and he would like your help in achieving it: Apparently, thirty seconds of ad time on Martha Stewart’s tv show costs only $10,000. Spend up to $250,000 and she’ll mention the product …

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May 06 2007

Dr. Seuss did political cartoons?

Before (and after) he wrote and illustrated the children’s books for which he so well known, Theodor Seuss Geisel created many editorial cartoons. Back in 2000 the Springfield Library and Museums Association did an exhibit of ‘The Political Dr. Seuss‘. Follow the link for a description and a small selection of the 200+ cartoons from …

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May 01 2007

Scott McCloud pays Attention.

More than a year and a half ago I posted about the business of webcomics. In the comments there we got into a discussion about Scott McCloud and Micropayments, where I made the assertion that Scott ‘blew it’ because he didn’t understand the way the Internet worked as a market. (This was long before I …

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Jul 16 2006

Gary Larson vindicated, yet again

“The thagomizer is the arrangement of four to ten spikes on the tail of particular dinosaurs, like the famous Stegosaurus, in the clade Stegosauria.”

Jul 04 2006

I guess I am behind the times again.

Joey deVilla says “Blogging Has Officially Jumped the Shark“. And he has pictures to prove it! (As Anita pointed out, The Comics Curmudgeon should have been all over this.) Funny, but jkling told me the other day that he didn’t know what ‘Jumping the Shark‘ meant. Until someone reminded him about the Happy Days episode …

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Mar 19 2006

More imaginary performance anxiety

Warren Ellis is writing a new graphic novel set in the near future. Cool! I’ve certainly enjoyed his previous forays into science fiction and cyberpunk. Only one he’s having trouble with it… Apparently Warren is dealing with an embarrassing problem of Strossian proportions — it seems the present is already too weird to easily extrapolate …

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