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Jun 27 2015

Publishing, Copyright, and the Economics of Abundance

If you love books you should read this long article on publishing by Richard Nash: ‘What is the Business of Literature’. In it, Nash postulates that publishing was the first industry in the world to confront the realities of post-scarcity economics, due to advances in printing presses lowering the cost of entry. Nash says: “Advances in printing …

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Jul 12 2010

Whoohoo! I won my name back!

About a year and a half ago I wrote about how my personal domain name (jackwilliambell.com) was stolen by domain vultures. (Go read the sordid tale, I’ll wait.) So, basically I told them to choke on it. They sent me a few more emails trying to entice me to make another offer. I ignored them. …

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Feb 06 2009

Poll: Personal branding and the creative worker

I’ve been thinking about branding and how it applies to the creative worker. For example, suppose you have a website that becomes famous; is that website now a ‘brand’ for you? Or for the website itself? And which is better? Think about the authors and artists you know that have websites. For example, John Scalzi …

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Feb 04 2009

A certain whiff of carrion about it

About six months before Anita passed away I set up a new website for myself, using my full name for the domain. (It was jackwilliambell.com, but I’m not linking; more on why later.) The hosting company took care of the domain name and I did a quick and dirty home page intending to revisit it …

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Dec 14 2007

Note to self: Make certain to start a new car insurance policy by end of year

There are so many things you have to deal with when a spouse passes away. Bank accounts, titles, bills. Anything that is in the spouses name or in both names is affected. Even mundane things like car insurance. We had ‘Esurance’. (Yeah, the one one advertising on TV with a cartoon spy girl about how …

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Aug 04 2007

Will a degrading environment slow China’s economy?

Der Spiegel has a fascinating interview with Pan Yue of China’s ministry of the environment, “The Chinese Miracle Will End Soon“: This miracle will end soon because the environment can no longer keep pace. Acid rain is falling on one third of the Chinese territory, half of the water in our seven largest rivers is …

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May 28 2007

Burning 20,000 books . . .

. . . because no one wants them. Count this among the things that makes me sad.

May 01 2007

Scott McCloud pays Attention.

More than a year and a half ago I posted about the business of webcomics. In the comments there we got into a discussion about Scott McCloud and Micropayments, where I made the assertion that Scott ‘blew it’ because he didn’t understand the way the Internet worked as a market. (This was long before I …

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Jun 29 2006

Is Microsoft downsizing?

The pseudonymous ‘Mini-Microsoft‘ may be about to get the thing (or part of the thing) he has been asking for on his blog for the last couple of years: There is serious talk that Microsoft is doing a heavy RIF. (Reduction In Force.) If true this will probably buoy the sagging stock price of Microsoft, …

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Mar 16 2006

Dave steps in poo, flings some at Rogers Cadenhead

I’ve talked before about Dave Winer’s tendency to blame everyone else when he screws up. I mean, there are reasons to like the man; but the way he handles personal disagreements is not one of them… Because I do know Dave a little bit, and because Rogers Cadenhead has shown himself to be a remarkably …

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