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Apr 19 2010

What? ADD? Me? No one would ever believe it!

My life has seen fit to remind me recently that I am probably ADD. Most specifically in the sense that ADD (of the type I probably have) has genetic origins. Plus my boss has suggested I get evaluated for it by a professional. After discussing this with scarlettina I took an ADD quiz she found. …

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Jul 20 2009

Drink deep from the well of knowledge

I grok this.

Nov 16 2008

I’m unhappy and I’m not happy about it…

It isn’t that I expect happiness. I don’t consider a state of happiness my god-given right as a human being and an American. I don’t think happiness is a normal base state and consider any deviation from it a disfunction. Hell, I can remember few intervals longer than a day out my life that I …

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Apr 07 2008

Willpower linked in positive correlation to blood sugar levels

Talk about counter-intuitive!

Dec 16 2007

Ten things I learned by losing Anita

‘Heartache’ isn’t just a turn of phrase. It can literally ache. Enough to make one wonder if ‘dying of heartbreak’ isn’t just a metaphor. Grief is different than regular depression. Among other things it makes you even more forgetful and slow thinking. Most people tend to give you some slack. This is a good thing. …

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Aug 18 2007

Capturing a perfect moment

We’ve all been there. That perfect moment that you want to last forever. Maybe it is a sunset and a lover watching it with you. Maybe it is a child’s first steps, a box of puppies on a sunny day, or a steelhead taking the hook at your favorite fishing hole. Maybe it is hearing …

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Aug 02 2007

Free Lunch Learning

It’s going to take me a while to digest this one… James V. Stone of Sheffield University has a research article ponderously titled Distributed Representations Accelerate Evolution of Adaptive Behaviours. In it he describes something called (rather more prosaically) ‘Free Lunch Learning’: In humans, FLL has been demonstrated using a task in which participants learned …

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Jul 31 2007

My Amygdala is tingling

Scientists may have isolated the part of the brain that makes us human (as opposed to just being hairless apes); the Amygdala appears to be related to the senses that govern social behavior: Semendeferi lead a group that measured area of the 12 amygdalas and low and behold found that the human amygdala was much …

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May 19 2007

Research on loners results in ‘duh’ moment

Introverts prefer to be alone because they are more sensitive to social situations: Previous MRI studies have shown that during social situations, specific areas in the brains of loners experience especially lively blood flow, indicating a sort of overstimulation, which explains why they find parties so wearying. Leading to the, unsurprising, conclusion: Because loners are …

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May 07 2007

Can I sleep on it?

Inducing slow waves to improve sleep.

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