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Aug 12 2012

Perfectly Pleasing Perseids

One of the advantages of owning property in the mountains is the dark skies at night; just the thing for observing celestial events. This is the kind of place where, if the moon isn’t drowning out everything with its light, you can see the milky way blaze across the heavens in all its glory. So …

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Dec 10 2011

Double-Dip Lunar Eclipse

It was cold. Bitter, biting cold. My weather station said 22 degrees fahrenheit, but there was a slight wind and it seemed much colder. I had prepared myself well: warm clothes, gloves, coffee in a thermos mug, a cigar. I had a camera and a pair of binoculars. A chair. It was five in the morning …

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Jun 01 2007

Nine maps of the universe, with different scales

An Atlas of the Universe.

Jul 07 2006

The Trackball Telescope

Eugene Oregon SF writer Jerry Oltion has a great article about a unique telescope mount he designed and built, also featured in the August, 2006 issue of Sky & Telescope Magazine. Best of all? Jerry did a patent search on the design, found it was clear, and donated it to the public domain. I want …

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Jun 22 2006

Three myths about SETI

On Space.com, Peter Backus punctures three SETI myths.

Jun 10 2006

The sky is falling!

You might already know this, but a large meteor struck in Norway on Wednesday. As I said, you may already know this. But did you know it hit with a force of at least a megaton? The fact it hit in the middle of nowhere means we lucked out. What if it had grounded in …

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Jan 30 2006

Video of Stardust re-entry

This NASA video of the Stardust re-entry is so cool! (Previous mentions of Stardust here and here.)

Jan 15 2006

Stardust is home

Stardust lands safely. Apparently the show was as good as they promised and the re-entry vehicle worked perfectly. Huzzah! (Previous mention of Stardust.)

Dec 27 2005

Stardust is coming home

Early in the morning on Sunday, January 15th, the Stardust probe comet sample return mission will re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere over the western United States. (Check the map link on that page.) From the looks of things, many of us here on the left coast are going to get a heck of a show as …

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Dec 17 2005

Strange new object found at edge of Solar System

Nicknamed ‘Buffy’, 2004 XR190 is between 500 and 1000 kilometers in diameter. Buffy is unlike most objects in the Kuiper Belt because its orbit is inclined at 47 degrees and nearly circular; most of its peers are on the plane of the ecliptic, with highly elliptical orbits. I don’t know which is weirder; the fact …

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