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May 31 2010

Remembering Anita

This weekend and I drove down to Newport OR. We visited my parents and did a few things in the area, including a wonderful visit to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. (Said visit resulting in many pictures of wildlife, including some amazing pictures of bald eagles I want to share soon.) We left early today because …

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Dec 10 2008

A year of rain and the sea rises not a jot

One year ago today I lost Anita. I have been dreading this anniversary for weeks. At work I made some good progress on my current project in the morning and then I was given an interesting puzzle which kept me unmindful of the day until after lunch. After that it got hard. I finally gave …

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Apr 16 2008

Off to Detroit

I am at Seatac airport right now, waiting for my flight. Doing some work stuff near Detroit, then Penguicon for the weekend. ETA: I am at my hotel in Troy MI now, tired as hell and cringing at the thought of getting up in less than five hours (seven o’clock local time). Tomorrow work at …

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Feb 18 2008

Harry Potter and the Promise Kept

Just about six months ago Anita and I stopped at Third Place Books on our way home from something I now forget. I got myself a coffee and my grandson a hot chocolate while Anita went and found a book she had been lusting after: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh and final …

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Feb 14 2008

Blue for Valentine’s Day

I’m hurting a lot right now… On Valentine’s Day in 2001 I asked Anita to marry me. In her words: We parked, and enjoyed the view. We’ve admired the sunsets here before, though it was already dark tonight. Jack started talking about how there was one more Valentine’s Day gift. “But you’ll have to help …

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Jan 14 2008

Invitation to a Memorial for Anita Rowland

As you may already know, my wife Anita Rowland passed away last month after a long battle with cancer. Please join me for a celebration of Anita’s life and spirit on January 26th, here in Seattle. Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested. I don’t have the email addresses for everyone who …

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Dec 16 2007

Ten things I learned by losing Anita

‘Heartache’ isn’t just a turn of phrase. It can literally ache. Enough to make one wonder if ‘dying of heartbreak’ isn’t just a metaphor. Grief is different than regular depression. Among other things it makes you even more forgetful and slow thinking. Most people tend to give you some slack. This is a good thing. …

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Dec 14 2007

Note to self: Make certain to start a new car insurance policy by end of year

There are so many things you have to deal with when a spouse passes away. Bank accounts, titles, bills. Anything that is in the spouses name or in both names is affected. Even mundane things like car insurance. We had ‘Esurance’. (Yeah, the one one advertising on TV with a cartoon spy girl about how …

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Dec 10 2007

Memorial: Anita Rowland

At 4:40 PM Monday, December 10, 2007, my wife, Anita Marie Rowland, passed away in Seattle at the age of 51 after a long battle with cancer. She is survived by her two sisters, Martha and Betsy Rowland, and by myself. Anita will be missed by all. By her sisters. By myself. By the children …

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Aug 28 2007

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

About 10 hours from my writing this Anita and I will be leaving these shores for Japan. We are going for the World SF Convention in Yokohama (first time for Japan) and a week of general tourism after. Our itinerary: Tue Aug 28: Depart Seattle Wed Aug 29: Arrive and check into the InterContinental Grand …

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