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May 01 2007

Scott McCloud pays Attention.

More than a year and a half ago I posted about the business of webcomics. In the comments there we got into a discussion about Scott McCloud and Micropayments, where I made the assertion that Scott ‘blew it’ because he didn’t understand the way the Internet worked as a market. (This was long before I …

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Jul 17 2006

Fairy Tales

This site bills itself as ‘A Collection of the World’s Fairy Tales‘. They have a terrible long ways to go before they are truly that, but I think it a noble endeavor!

Jul 17 2006

More Falling Sand

Look out HolyOutlaw! The falling sand game has been upgraded: Now you can have Napalm, C4, Gunpowder, Concrete, and more! Prepare to lose days of productive time…

Jul 10 2006

Bendito Machine

I don’t know how to describe it really, but this flash animation about man’s obsession with machinery and commerce is a must see.

Jun 25 2006

Like an interactive Spirograph

You can create some beautiful patterns with this flash toy, albeit ephemerally.

Oct 14 2005

The web as ecology

Steven Berlin Johnson explains Web 2.0 by comparing it to a rain forest: Think of information as the energy of the Web’s ecosystem. Those Web 1.0 pages with their crude hyperlinks are like the sun’s rays falling on a desert. A few stragglers are lucky enough to stumble across them, and thus some of that …

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Oct 06 2005

Money For Content and Your Clicks For Free

J.D. Frazer (aka Illiad of User Friendly fame) is an acquaintance of mine since I invited him as a guest of honor to Vikingcon 18. Among other excellent qualities, J.D. is one of the the surprisingly large number of people who have managed to make a pretty good living publishing a popular web comic. A …

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Aug 20 2005

Ti-i-i-ime, is on my side

I don’t think I’ve ever thought of laying out a clock this way. (Requires Flash.)

Aug 14 2005

The business of webcomics

My webcomic publishing friends and acquaintances have probably already seen this, but Eclectica has a great e-text book about e-publishing comics titled Online Comics Vs. Printed Comics: A Study in E-Commerce and the Comparative Economics of Content. Lots of good stuff there, although most of it has been discussed in other forums. The main redeeming …

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Aug 02 2005

Recreational, kinky elephant sex

Work-safe link. Uh, that is, depending on where you work. (Hat-tip Flutterby.)

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