Who am I?

My name is Jack William Bell. I am a computer programmer with more than twenty years of experience. I am also a writer, musician, and all-around esthete. I am a father, grandfather, and more. Basically, I am a very busy person

So, who am I really?

Like most men I tend to define myself mainly by what I do. In that respect I am a lot of things: Father, Computer Programmer, Writer, Musician, Artist, Science Fiction Fan, History Buff, Outdoorsman, Amateur Astronomer and on and on… The full list may not be endless, but I am sure you don’t want me to bore you with it. You will also note that I didn’t include ‘Great Lover’ in my top ten!

Besides that, I can tell you that I once took an on-line personality test which rated me as an INTP. That I am a true-blue Geek who would rather play with a computer or solve an interesting puzzle than talk to people. That I like coffee, fine scotch and classic rock. That I play guitar. That I once climbed Mount Adams alone. And that I think of myself as more of a frustrated artist than anything else. Sometimes I think this last fact colors everything I think and do.

I am somewhat of a ‘Jack of All Trades, Master of None’. I can fix just about anything from a toilet to a car to a computer. I have at least a nodding acquaintance with just about every tool imaginable. At one time or another I have worked as everything from a shoe salesman to an aircraft mechanic to a delivery driver to what I do now. I can balance books and adjust doors. Start a fire without matches and throw a clay pot on a wheel. Once again, I can go on and on…

Don’t get mad. I fully realize that core-dumping out a list of crap like the above is pretty much useless for the purpose of describing the real me. Thing is, although I am certainly my own favorite subject, I really don’t think I want to be too open about myself with someone I have never met (no offence). And, chances are, you really don’t care anyway and are reading this because you are waiting for something more interesting to download. On the bright side, in case you do care, I will be filling up this site with my writings and musings.