Jul 09 2015

Another year, another Clarion West Writeathon

Yeah, it’s happening again. The Clarion West Writeathon. A major fund raiser for Clarion West every year; where writers set goals and you help to support Clarion West by sponsoring those writers. As always, the list of participating writers is long, but in it you will find some famous names and more than a few not so famous.

Clarion West has an important mission: helping to train the next generation of Science Fiction writers by putting them through an intensive six week ‘boot camp’, designed to give them the tools they need to blow us all away with their creativity and passion. These are writers who are already good, the goal is to make them great. And it is a process that works, just take a look at some of the things Clarion West alumni are up to!

So, if you like to read Science Fiction, support Clarion West by sponsoring a writer or three. I will be.

I will also be participating. Writing and trying to raise money to continue Clarion West’s mission.

If nothing else, it’s an excuse to write. And I have been writing, Since the start of the writeathon I have posted two new chapters of my serial novel Closing the Circuit here:

For the writeathon my goal is to post a new chapter of CtC a week. I don’t expect to maintain that pace afterwards, but I do intend to keep working on it. In the meantime that is six new chapters for you to read.

So, please sponsor me in the Clarion West Write-a-thon. Let’s make this the best fund raiser for Clarion West ever!