Aug 19 2012

LiveJournal Import

Earlier I had started moving over posts one at a time; fixing up the links, marking them as ‘originally posted on LJ’, and what-not. I was also being fairly selective and not moving over the crap posts and the memes.

The problem was simple: it was a lot of work. As a result the effort stalled and I kept not getting around to finishing it. So, instead, I just whomped the whole thing over, pretty much willy nilly. I did go through and delete some of the crappier of the crap posts, like when I was reflecting over my Tweets as LJ posts daily. But the rest of it is on here, unmarked as originally from LJ and with links that might go back to LJ or even nowhere in particular. Not perfect, but it is done.

(Another annoying thing about the bulk import: It imported the comments, but made them all anonymous. Not displaying who said what removes a lot of important context to those conversations. I don’t like it, but I am unlikely to try and fix it.) [EDIT: Whoops. Wrong. It looks like it did preserve the user names on most of the comments.] [EDIT 2: Hah! Fixed the ‘unmarked as from LJ’ problem! I renamed ‘Uncatergorized’ to ‘LiveJournal Posts’ and then ran the tool to convert a category into a tag!]

Of course it isn’t really done done. I do want to properly categorize all those LJ posts. But that will take me a while and might require reading each one. The one good thing about doing that is I get a chance to delete the rest of the crap posts and memes and the like.

In the meantime, the spiders that have been crawling this site can go nuts. The rest of you can go back through the archives if you like, there is actually some pretty good writing there!


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  1. profiles.google.com/11589749958…

    I feel your pain. Though on a smaller scale. One of my author clients recently decided to switch from weebly to wordpress and hired me to do it for. Although an RSS import is theoretically possible, it just ended up being easier re-constructing her entire blog (not nearly as big as yours thankfully). Most of the comments have the same IP address so this might end up looking bad to the spiders, but thanks to gravatar and some nifty editing of date stamps it looks just like it should to human eyes. But man what a process. Weebly is a nifty little tool but I dont recommend it to my clients any more. Blogger is just as handy and drag-drop easy, but at least you can export it to WordPress if you want more one day.
    Free tip – maybe you know but just have not gotten around to it yet. Settings>Permalinks: Select “post name”–it is just one extra way to incorporate key words into your page data 😀

    1. Jack William Bell

      Yeah, I know about the permalinks settings. Although they do add a bit of SEO to each post, in these days of link shorteners and the like they don’t add to human readability any more. So I actually made a conscious decision to use the ‘p-xxx’ format.

      1. profiles.google.com/11589749958…

        Interesting. So do you feel like there is a benefit to it, or are you just a geeky programmer who likes all the numbers and codes? LOL
        And I am not an SEO fanatic myself. I have one or two things I do, but to me heavy SEO is just a bit old school. What do you think?

        1. Jack William Bell

          Part of it might be the ‘geeky programmer’ aspect. But mostly I just didn’t want to bother. Also, this way if I move hosts to somewhere that doesn’t allow Apache remapping my links don’t change.

          SEO isn’t quite dead. But Google is on to even the more arcane tricks people were using. So the age of the ‘SEO Consultant’ is pretty much over.

          OTOH, like I’ve been telling people for a while, the best SEO is organized, useful, well written content. Anything else and, even if people find you, they will remember your site is crap and avoid it.

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