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Oct 25 2015

Turkish Airlines considered hazardous to your mental health

Sometime during the night of October 17th British journalist Jacqueline Sutton took her own life in an airport restroom at Istanbul’s Attaturk airport after, and apparently because of, missing a flight.  ‘Apparently’, because that is the evidence and the official story; although there are those who think something else may have occurred and the official …

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Jun 21 2015

Campfire Stories

Two of my grandkids have been staying with me for the last few days. Friday night I started a fire outside and we looked at the stars when it got dark. (Seeing the moon, Jupiter, and Venus all in the same part of the sky right before sunset was really cool!) I didn’t have any …

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Nov 27 2014

It’s Turkey Day and I’m seriously pissed off!

So it’s Turkey Day and I am supposed to be thankful or something. And, yes, I do have things to be thankful for. But I can’t seem to shake the anger I feel over the number of friends and acquaintances who have passed away or become seriously ill over the last year. Maybe I’ve simply …

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Sep 27 2014

Supermoon over Geysir Park, Iceland

I took this at Geysir Park in Iceland on the last day of the last Supermoon, but one. (Click on picture for full-size.) Here is a video of the same geyser, taken a few minutes later: True story: I had my phone on shuffle, playing music through the rental car stero. Exactly as I drove …

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Aug 07 2014

My WorldCon Schedule (and some thoughts on the same)

This year the Science Fiction World Convention (the WorldCon) is in London: Loncon 3. I am on programming again, including a reading I won’t be able to do (because I’ll still be in Iceland) and one last minute addition I will also miss because my plane arrives too late on Thursday. (A good thing, because …

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Sep 29 2013

Moving over Slashdot Journal posts

Read my blog via RSS and wonder why a bunch of posts from 2002 are showing up? Well, sorry about that. but it is a result of my trying to get all my scattered Internet writing under one roof. Previously I moved over my LiveJournal posts by exporting everything from LiveJournal and then importing them …

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Sep 07 2013

Being Weird

Weird (adj) – suggestive of or relating to the supernatural; eerie strange or bizarre archaic: of or relating to fate or the Fates If you’ve met me in a social context only a few times for short periods you probably haven’t noticed. However, if you’ve known me for a while you’ve probably cottoned on to …

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Aug 19 2012

Come on, baby don’t you want to go?

I had every intention of skipping the Science Fiction World Convention this year. Yeah, I have a membership, have had for a year. No, I don’t have anything against Chicago. At least not anything that would keep me from going there for a couple of days. The problem is time: I don’t have it. I …

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Aug 12 2012

Perfectly Pleasing Perseids

One of the advantages of owning property in the mountains is the dark skies at night; just the thing for observing celestial events. This is the kind of place where, if the moon isn’t drowning out everything with its light, you can see the milky way blaze across the heavens in all its glory. So …

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Dec 31 2010

Ten things I’ve done (that you probably haven’t)

OK, I’ll play… I’ve done these ten things that you probably haven’t: 1. Swam with a 4 foot sea turtle at the Great Barrier Reef 2. Played frisbee in a typhoon (we lost all our frisbees really fast) 3. Bought hashish in Turkey 4. Climbed Mount Adams, by myself 5. Explored old steam tunnels beneath …

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