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Oct 24 2013

My (infamous) Chili Recipe

Tonight is my mother’s birthday. When I called her on the phone to wish her a happy birthday tonight the only thing she wanted for a birthday present was my chili recipe. The one everyone raves about. There are some small problems with that. First off, as I told her, it isn’t so much a …

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Jul 22 2012

Red Robin makes good

Last week I wrote an open letter to the CEO of Red Robin complaining about how they handled a bad situation I was involved with at their Seattle location. I’m tardy writing this update, but the general manager of that Red Robin location phoned me a few days later. She was pleasant, apologized without making …

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Jul 11 2012

Open letter to Red Robin

[UPDATE: Red Robin makes good!] To: Steve Carley, CEO Red Robin From: Jack William Bell, an ex customer Subject: Your staff put me in danger

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Apr 23 2008

Color me boggled

Absinthe Lollipops!

Aug 29 2007


We made it. All checked in and even have enough energy for a little exploring! Time for a late dinner at Queen’s Square. An excellent Thai place called Keawjal.

May 23 2007


I’ve mentioned narrow-cast blogs before. But I think focusing a blog on Japanese whiskey wins the prize.

Jun 21 2006

Wired discovers vat grown meat

Wired has a quickie article about vat grown meat. I wrote about making meat a year ago, and mine was way funnier!

Jun 13 2006

Kona Ohana, light city roast, vacuum brewed

Some friends (hi shikzoid) made a recent trip to Hawaii and (a sign they are really great friends) they picked me up some green Kona beans: A pound each of Ohana and Estate Reserve from Blue Sky Coffee. Yesterday I roasted a third cup of the Ohana to a light city, about twenty seconds into …

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Oct 23 2005

From the ‘eating peanut butter with a spoon’ department

Brain centre for the ‘munchies’ found. Yes, this is a slow blog day.

Sep 03 2005

Good news from the Katrina aftermath

The makers of Tabasco sauce are having problems with their website, but they want us all to know the nation’s supplies of liquid pepper hot sauce are unaffected: McIlhenny Company is operating normally and the production of TABASCO® brand products are unaffected by the recent hurricane. Our New Orleans office employees are all accounted for …

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