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Jun 05 2008

Joining the Omnifacture revolution

Quite a while ago I talked about short-run manufacturing and ‘de-industrialization’. Later I followed that up with a post about feeding the long tail with hardware and one on producing ‘sui generis’ goods with rapid prototyping technology. I mention these older posts because I want to establish my bonifides as an ‘amateur futurist’ in this …

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Jul 07 2006

The Trackball Telescope

Eugene Oregon SF writer Jerry Oltion has a great article about a unique telescope mount he designed and built, also featured in the August, 2006 issue of Sky & Telescope Magazine. Best of all? Jerry did a patent search on the design, found it was clear, and donated it to the public domain. I want …

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Jun 29 2006


One of the more interesting things I’ve seen discussed lately is Microreactors. Basically these are continuous-flow chemical reactions scaled down to the 100 micro-meter level, using a variant of chip technology. Think chemical factory in a suitcase. Surprisingly, this isn’t that new. The basic technology has been around for a generation. And the potential for …

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Jun 18 2006

Custom toy maker

Got an idea for a game, toy, or plush doll? These guys can make it for you! Me? I want a plush tree octopus. Or maybe I can finally have the DOOM board game I thought of a while back, with little monster figures and shotguns; “Monster leaps out of the shadows and eats your …

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Jun 14 2006

I prefer green myself

Hey! Get yourself some of these and a tub of blue paint — and you can start your own Blue Man Group!

Feb 01 2006

When one or two atoms can make a difference

Jack Grant points to some photos of Intel’s new 45-nanometer process and makes some interesting comments: We are now making structures small enough that they measure less than a thousand atoms across, and even more startlingly, some are less than 6 atoms thick! If that ain’t “geek cool” I don’t know what is… Man, that’s …

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Jan 12 2006


Dr. Ben Wang at Florida A&M is working on ‘buckypaper’ which promises to be 10 times lighter than steel, and 250 times stronger! As you might guess, buckypaper is made from carbon nanotubes: “At FAC2T, our objective is to push the envelope to find out just how strong a composite material we can make using …

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Jan 09 2006

Ach, and that’s ah bonnie robot yeh got there laddie!

McBlare is a robotic bagpipe player. Very cool. Only, is it cheating to use an air compressor?

Dec 11 2005

Rapid prototyping for sui generis goods

We Make Money Not Art has an interesting report on students at the Royal College in London using rapid prototyping to create products that cannot be made any other way: Oscar Narud concieved a three-dimensional labyrinth game in which there’s a tunnel inside a toy figure. You drop in a steel ball through its mouth …

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Nov 22 2005

Do you have a “Geek Project”?

Stephen Gordon wants to hear about your “Geek Projects”. Our goal with the “Geek Projects” feature is to demonstrate that the day of garage innovation is not over. In fact, we expect to see a renaissance of personal innovation as the tools that allow this kind of creativity become more attainable. Help us follow this …

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