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Aug 12 2012

Perfectly Pleasing Perseids

One of the advantages of owning property in the mountains is the dark skies at night; just the thing for observing celestial events. This is the kind of place where, if the moon isn’t drowning out everything with its light, you can see the milky way blaze across the heavens in all its glory. So …

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Dec 10 2011

Double-Dip Lunar Eclipse

It was cold. Bitter, biting cold. My weather station said 22 degrees fahrenheit, but there was a slight wind and it seemed much colder. I had prepared myself well: warm clothes, gloves, coffee in a thermos mug, a cigar. I had a camera and a pair of binoculars. A chair. It was five in the morning …

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Jul 20 2009

Drink deep from the well of knowledge

I grok this.

May 06 2009

Google Moon

In the spirit of my previous post, I thought I would point you to Google Moon; an interactive map of the lunar surface with markers for all of the Apollo missions. If you drill down on a mission you can see what points the astronauts actually visited and view pictures of those places. There are …

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May 06 2009

Back to the Moon with a bang!

On June 2nd the LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) mission will finally launch, after multiple delays. This is supposed to be the first step of NASA’s plan to return to the moon permanently by 2020. However, what really excites me about this mission isn’t the LRO! I am far more interested in a piggyback mission: LCROSS …

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Feb 01 2009

Living in a Science Fictional world…

Extinct ibex is resurrected by cloning: Using DNA taken from these skin samples, the scientists were able to replace the genetic material in eggs from domestic goats, to clone a female Pyrenean ibex, or bucardo as they are known. It is the first time an extinct animal has been cloned. Of course it wasn’t exactly …

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Sep 12 2008

Telescopic Evolution

Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the integrated circuit. In that time we have gone from five discrete components on chip (including transistors, capacitors, and resistors) to over a billion transistors alone. That is pushing nine orders of magnitude in five decades! Can you imagine your life without IC’s? Electronics technology not progressing past vacuum …

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Jul 27 2008

It’s an ill wind . . .

It appears that global warming can have an upside, if you live in Greenland.

Jul 06 2008

Big Buck Bunny

In an attempt to show how capable the open source Blender 3D animation application is, the Blender community has created a short subject and distributed it with a Creative Commons license. Complete video here. I’d say this is pretty convincing proof that Blender is up to the task of creating animations as good as any …

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Jul 05 2008

Fourth of July Followup…

Phil Bowermaster has a Declaration of Singularity.

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