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Feb 18 2017

Shutting the Door on the Future

The concept of a Technological Singularity is becoming current again, with various pundits and techno-billionaires warning us of the potential consequences. Science Fiction writers, in particular, have quite a hard time with the whole thing. Charles Stross and Jo Walton both famously referred to the Singularity as “the turd in the punchbowl of Science Fiction.” …

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Jun 27 2015

Publishing, Copyright, and the Economics of Abundance

If you love books you should read this long article on publishing by Richard Nash: ‘What is the Business of Literature’. In it, Nash postulates that publishing was the first industry in the world to confront the realities of post-scarcity economics, due to advances in printing presses lowering the cost of entry. Nash says: “Advances in printing …

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Sep 21 2013

The Consequences of The Simulation Hypothesis

The Wikipedia article for the Simulation Hypothesis is crisp and to the point: The simulation hypothesis (simulation argument or simulism) proposes that reality is a simulation and those affected are generally unaware of this. The concept is reminiscent of René Descartes‘ Evil Genius but posits a more futuristic simulated reality. Later, the article describes a number of types of reality simulation, focusing on the mechanics – things like …

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Sep 15 2013

Taking back the Internet by going back to basics

Bruce Schnier, all around security guru and hero of the revolution, says we should ‘Take back the Internet‘. If you haven’t read that link, follow it and read it now. Go ahead, I’ll wait… Now, let’s laser-in on one of Bruce’s points: Dismantling the surveillance state won’t be easy. Has any country that engaged in …

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Apr 07 2013

Extending the Fifth Ammendment

There is this thing that has always bothered me about criminals – the real bad ones who get sent to prison for long periods of time for doing real bad things. What bothers me is the fact doing what they do isn’t just morally bad, it is stupid. Really, really stupid.

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Aug 08 2012

Welcome to the Group Mind

Today John Scalzi opined “. . . if I want to have a thought of mine preserved for eternity, I put it on my blog; if I don’t care if I ever see it again, I put it on Twitter.” I rarely comment on ‘Whatever’, but this time I did have something to say. In …

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Apr 22 2012

Prometheus would be proud

From the Wikipedia article for ‘techné’:  The term is often translated as craftsmanship, craft, or art. It is the rational method involved in producing an object or accomplishing a goal or objective. Yet another meta-mind convenience-concept of the Greeks (good for ‘thinking about thinking’), techné both describes a magnificently human behavior pattern and links it to similar patterns …

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Oct 11 2011

The Computer User Interface of the Future is here!

Step right up folks! Learn all about Doctor Jack’s UI of the Future! Yesiree ladies and gentlemen, the answer to all your computer user interface needs in one familiar package. All ready to use on your next project. Fully tested and cross-platform! Multiple implementations, with both Open Source and proprietary solutions depending on your project’s …

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Sep 12 2008

Telescopic Evolution

Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the integrated circuit. In that time we have gone from five discrete components on chip (including transistors, capacitors, and resistors) to over a billion transistors alone. That is pushing nine orders of magnitude in five decades! Can you imagine your life without IC’s? Electronics technology not progressing past vacuum …

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Jul 27 2008

Distracted, or just too busy to pay attention to you?

A while back I wrote a short essay about Using your Google Brain where I described mainstream media scare stories about the Internet which reminded me of: . . . similar articles from the 1970’s describing how kids were starting to use calculators in school, all of which invariably ended in dire predictions of impending …

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