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Jun 05 2009

Nipple, nipple

In response to holyoutlaw posting the Fart in the Duck song, I give you the Indian Nipple Song! So, dish herpes on the head! Pull slinky and make me fart!

Mar 25 2008

Songs for after the Singularity: The Humans are Dead

Aug 30 2007

Riding the storm out

It appears both Mars rovers made it through the dust storm and are back on the job. I am in awe of the rovers, their designers, and the engineers who constructed them. Not only have they reached multiples of their design life and are still doing good science, now they shake off the dust and …

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Jun 29 2007

Seattle paying buskers to play in City parks

It seems the City of Seattle is paying buskers to play in City parks on weekdays. The buskers come cheap, about minimum wage, but I guess you could call that a ‘floor’ salary as they can pick up tips as well. What a great idea!

Apr 22 2007

The Clumsy Lovers are doing Fan Appreciation Shows!

Attention Clumsy Lovers Fans! If you live in Boise, Seattle, or Bellingham you are in for a treat. Our favorite band is giving back with some Fan Appreciation Shows! April 28 in Portland, May 4 & 5 in Seattle, May 11 & 12 in Boise, and May 19 in Bellingham are all parts of the …

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Jun 30 2006

Synthetic madness

Ever head of MooT BooXLe? Until today I hadn’t. But after seeing this amazing video of MooT BooXLe jamming on an analog synthesizer I know two things: He really groks that box He owns approximately one metric assload of patch cables

Jun 14 2006

I prefer green myself

Hey! Get yourself some of these and a tub of blue paint — and you can start your own Blue Man Group!

Jun 11 2006

Me love COOKIE! Death, destruction, and COOOOKIIIEE!!!

Despite the fact it is so dark, you really must watch all of this video of the Cookie Monster singing with a metal band. The cookie gun is a nice touch! It’s about time the Cookie Monster got his own death metal act! After all, ‘Cookie Monster singing’ is the genre’s predominant style. I mean, …

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Feb 13 2006

Tapping out a song

Can’t remember the name of that old tune, but you can hum a few bars? This service lets you search for a song by tapping out the rhythm on your keyboard. I tried it. It actually works, although it is a bit slow when doing the actual search. Cool!

Jan 22 2006

Clumsy Lovers Report

I’ve had a busy week, and am way behind if I want to report it here. (I am normally a link blogger or an essayist; I don’t write about my personal life or my work. But I am often ‘encouraged’ to write reports on events I attend.) So today is report day here at Antigravitas… …

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